HuntersCreek Retrievers training philosophy and program differs from many other professional trainers who board and train a dog away from the owner/master and the dog's familiar environment. I believe the dogs master plays an integral part in training a well mannered family pet and working retriever. My goal is to train both you and your dog for success in your family and the field. We don't pull your dog from his everyday surrounding we meet you and your dog in familiar surroundings to assist you both and train you how to work together!

First and foremost are the basics! Obedience is the number one factor determining the success of your dog in your family or in the field. Obedience training is the foundation for all future advanced training.
Your retriever will be taught five commands on and off leash: Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, Down and Kennel - Crate Training. We will use a variety of distractions to ensure that your dog will be obedient under challenging circumstances. Verbal Commands, Whistle and Hand Signals will be incorporated right from the beginning to make sure you're able to communicate with your dog in a variety of environments whether it's from two feet or one-hundred yards.

Consistency is the key! Each command must be consistently enforced, exactly the same way, every time, so there is never a question of your authority or the desired behavior you expect from your dog. Consistency in training an ideal retriever is much like training yourself to play the piano. Repetition and Consistency are the difference between failure and wrong key can ruin an entire symphony.


Initially, I do an hour and a half evaluation of "YOU" the Owner/Master and your dog's capabilities. During this time I evaluate your dog's personality, temperament, drive, and responsiveness to training. If you choose to engage HuntersCreek Retrievers for ongoing training, our monthly training contracts are based on your location, the dog's capabilities, the owner's training requirements, and your consistency in following through with short homework assignments to reinforce behavior and familiarize your dog with your commands.


  • SIT
  • STAY
  • COME
  • HEEL
  • DOWN

The next step after obedience, if you choose to move forward, is Level One Retriever Training. The objective here is to teach your dog to retrieve objects on command, hold them firmly, and deliver directly to your hand. This will ensure a reliable retrieve-to-hand every time. Commands will include: Steady, Fetch, Hold, and Give.


  • HOLD
  • GIVE

During each additional Level of Retriever Training, Obedience will be reinforced. As a professional Duck and Goose guide for five years I saw more than one owner with an extraordinary retriever who could not or did not know how to foster the full potential of their hunting companion.

Many times these were professionally trained dogs with owners that had been absent during the retriever training and missed reading the "owners manual" for operating their retriever. Recognizing you want a "working retriever" for family and field to avoid a personal trek through mud and muck or freezing swim for your bird, I make sure you the owner are personally involved in training your dog so you're both ready for field work.

Obedience is the number one factor determining success in the field. I've seen more than one flight of ducks or geese flare because an owner couldn't keep their dog controlled. This is absolutely the fastest way to have your hunting buddies talking trash about you behind your back...bring an undisciplined dog to your blind and you won't have many people wanting to hunt with you next time!


  • MARK
  • LEFT

Level Two Retriever Training will build on earlier training as we reinforce steady holding in place until released, marking, double retrieves, directional cues, blinds and proper delivery from land or water. This training will assure you have a working gun dog capable of performing in the majority of hunting situations working the dog within fifty to eighty yards.

Again repetition and consistency is the key to ready your dog for actual field work. Successful bird hunting with a dog is much like football.Practice, Practice, Practice, will ensure on game day you and your dog are victorious.

Wishing you many successful hunts and full bag limits!